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The Marineland Portrait Aquarium is one of those kits that come with almost everything you need. Its unique and stunning design has captured the hearts of many Betta lovers. It has an awesome moonlight and daylight LED settings that give it an edge over other small aquarium kits. With this feature, you get to choose between a bright white light during the day and a soothing blue light at night.

Betta Fish Tank Size Requirements [Infographic] Below you will find a great infographic to give you a great overview of the requirements and supplies needed to successfully set up a great Betta tank. To be honest, a 5 gallon is likely the best size tank for Betta Fish. The smaller the tank the more difficult it becomes to maintain a clean environment free of ammonia and toxins.

Small tank results in less room for error as toxins can build up much faster than a larger aquarium. A small aquarium also requires more frequent water changes and tank cycling. This can be accomplished by having plants real or fake and have your aquarium heated and filtered just like any other tropical fish. Betta fish like to swim and the larger the tank the better. Of course, you can! Stress Coat removes chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals to make tap water safe for fish.

It Contains Aloe Vera, which promotes healing and regeneration of damaged fish tissue and forms a synthetic slime coat to help prevent electrolyte loss.

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Stress Coat is proven to reduce fish stress which can occur from setting up a new aquarium when performing monthly water changes, poor water quality and handling fish.

High-stress levels can cause poor health and a weakened immune system, making your fish more susceptible to disease. It is best not to overcrowd your aquarium by adding too many fish too quickly.

Go slowly, start off by adding 2 fish and wait 10 days before you add another two. It is recommended to go with 2. Remember your fish will grow as they mature. Though betta fish can survive in shallow puddles in the wild during dry season. It is not their optimal environment. Their natural environment are the large waters of Thailand full of plants and vegetation. True, betta fish can go up for air.

However, this is mainly to survive in an oxygen deprived environment. They are fish just like any other and breathe through water. So if you need some extra oxygen get an Air Pump for your fish tank to help agitate the surface water.

Do Betta Fish Grow? How Big?

Click here to download now! I hope you love the products I recommend! Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. So you want a betta fish?

One of the items noted in the infographic is a Filter.Being able to take care of a betta fish, means knowing what makes them happy and healthy. It also means knowing what causes stress and disease so you can avoid it.

biggest betta fish

This includes the recommended tank size, water quality and maintenance, feeding, and much more! With proper care, your betta could live up to ten years despite their average life of years. This discrepancy is largely due to misinformation in pet stores, on the internet, and from other betta owners.

Betta fish are a beautiful and intelligent species of fish and deserve proper care. Taking care of your betta requires a little education and responsibility for both kids and adults. The beautiful betta is pretty resilient and inexpensive to purchase and maintain, and they can bring years of companionship and joy.

If not, pat yourself on the back for doing research prior to purchasing one. Knowing how to take care of a betta before you buy one will make things a lot easier; especially when purchasing a tank and other accessories for the first time. You should be able to identify the difference between a healthy and a sick betta. This affects what type of care you will need to provide him or her over time. Experienced caretakers, however, may purchase sick bettas to help save them from death and disease.

Below are common characteristics of healthy and sick bettas. Think your betta fish may be sick? Visit our disease symptom and treatment page.

The absolute minimum tank size for a healthy betta is 2. Larger tanks are easier to maintain nitrogen cycles and temperature and require less frequent cleanings.

One of the biggest myths regarding bettas is how they can live just fine inside a tiny bowl or vase. To put this into perspective, you could live survive inside a tiny wooden box too if given food and water right?

In the wild, the betta splenden lives in shallow oxygen-deficient streams, rice paddies, and puddles, but many of these areas are still expansive in water volume. Your betta needs room to swim around and places to hide. Never fill your tank to the maximum volume. The labyrinth organ allows them to extract oxygen from the air and not just the water via their gills.

biggest betta fish

Also make sure you have a lid on your tank because bettas are great jumpersand may leap right out of your tank. It happens all the time and is a very sad way to lose a betta.The Betta fish is undoubtedly one of the neatest fish out there, especially if you are lucky enough to have one in your home aquarium. They are bright and colorful, they have big personalities, and they are energetic too.

biggest betta fish

Caring for these little guys is really not that hard, but you might wonder how to do so. Another question you might have is how big do Bettas get? This is a question we are going to answer right now, plus a couple of others as well. Generally speaking, Betta fish are pretty small creatures. A fully grown Betta fish will be around 2. They may sometimes look a little larger due to their large fins, but 2. Some have been known to grow as large as 3 inches or 7.

Of course, how big a Betta fish grows does depend on various factors like genes, general health, water conditions, and they type and amount of food they eat. In the wild, as mentioned before, Betta fish will generally reach the size of 2. This is their natural size. The larger ones, as the ones that have been recorded to grow up to 3 inches in length, are usually always held in captivity.

Generally speaking, really favorable tank conditions and super nutrient rich foods provided in home aquariums can cause Betta fish to grow a little larger than they would in the wild. This is something that is widely debated. However, there is a fair bit of evidence to support the fact that this phenomenon is true, for the most part at least.

Betta fish will usually grow to the size of their tank, but this is not surefire and it does not happen all of the time. In reality, this only works in one direction. If you have a tank that is way too small for your Betta fish, it will probably stop growing at some point before it reaches its maximum size potential. The body and genes of the Betta fish might stop it from growing any more once it reaches 1.It can definitely be a little odd when you wake up one day to see that your Betta fish is bloated and has a big belly.

Bloating, gassiness, and a big belly are not things that you might think your fish can suffer from, but that is not true at all. Betta fish can and do often have big bellies, unnaturally big bellies which they did not have yet last week. This is most likely a bad sign and it needs to be taken seriously. So, why does my Betta fish have a big belly?

biggest betta fish

Have you seen our Betta Fish E-Book? One of the main causes of bloating and oddly big bellies in Betta fish is overfeeding. The reality is that many people over feed their fish, which is especially true for beginners. Of course, just like with us humans, over feeding a fish is not a good thing at all.

If you feed your Betta fish too much, it will definitely enlarge their bellies, bloat them, and even cause other problems further on down the line.

Over feeding a Betta fish can result in many different issues. One of these issues is a swim bladder disorder that renders them unable to right themselves in the water. There are also other serious issues that can occur, such as constipation, which is definitely a big cause and a result of bloating at the same time. Constipation comes with its own set of problems that neither you nor your Betta fish want to have to deal with.

Furthermore, Betta fish are carnivores, so if you feed them too much plant based foods, they will not feel well, get bloated, and most of the food they ate passes through them undigested. This is a pretty big problem because all of that undigested matter releases a whole lot of ammonia and other unwanted substances into the water.

The point here is that feeding your Betta fish too much food is usually what causes bloating and the appearance of a big belly in the majority of situations. The trick is to feed them no more than they can handle.

You should feed your Betta fish twice per day, giving them no more than they can eat in a total of two minutes for both eating sessions. You should space the feedings out evenly to be 12 hours apart in order to give the Betta fish time to digest the food. Remember folks, the Betta fish has a stomach the size of its eye ball, so over feeding is easily done if you are not paying attention. Just take a look at your betta fish, look at the face, and directly below the face, right under and slightly behind the gills, is where you will find the betta fish stomach.

Now, over feeding your Betta fish, while it can have serious consequences in addition to having an overweight betta fish, if you realize what you are doing early enough, is fairly easily fixed and avoided.

The beauty of the Betta

However, there are more serious causes of why your Betta fish has a big belly. One of these causes is a very serious condition called Dropsy. Dropsy is not actually a disease on its own, but a resulting side effect of other conditions.

These causes can include over feeding, a swim bladder disorder, high levels of ammonia and nitrates in the water, as well as parasites and bacteria that have infected your Betta fish.Did you know that there are as many as different types of betta fish?

The common characteristics among them include ray shape fins, colorful bodies, and small size. And they fall in one of the two categories; BettaSplendens and BettaPictats.

The latter are mouth brooders while the former are bubble nest builders. Pictats are the type that happened to evolve from Splendens. They are comparatively larger and less colorful. And their fins are relatively shorter than the BettaSplendens. BettaSplendens are the type of betta fish available in local pet stores.

More often than not, breeders play with this particular group of fish only. And this has been the scene for as long as years now. What I mean to say is that since there are too many people breeding the same kind of fish, you will come across several combinations.

But the common factor remains the same. And that is colorful bodies with long, flowy fins. So how do you tell one from the other? The answer is pretty simple.

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You examine the tail. Based on that, what you see below is a list of the six most common betta fish available in any pet store. Photo credit: meethepet. The thing about betta fish is that they are incredibly beautiful and wonderful pets. Betta fish come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

And this makes your aquarium look not only colorful but quite magical too. Betta fish are considered to be the most attractive freshwater fish.

So here are the six common species of betta fish. Photo credit: aquariumfinatics. This kind of betta fish has an extremely special tail.

The Crowntail is the most spectacular and popular species of betta fish. Thanks to its spiky, long tail. When it comes to CrowntailBetta, you get three options to choose from. These are crossed, double, and single ray.

The first one is the most attractive, hence the most complicated to look after and even find. Also, you need to make it a point to keep the tank water clean at all times as it helps in maintaining the shape of their exotic tail.

Smaller tanks are better for Crowntails because they are susceptible to diseases and slightly more aggressive by nature. Photo credit: flickr. The best way to spot a PlakatBetta fish is to look for a short tail. Many people mistake them for female fish due to their shorter fins as well as tails. PlakatBetta has a rounded tail or one with a slightly spiky appearance and elongated rays. When a Plakat breeds with other kinds of betta, it gives birth to spectacularly colorful fish.

How to breed betta fish.Today must day of the trolls. Unless all the dumb people just decided to ask ridiculous questions today. Bettas average 2. Fish do NOT grow to the size of their tank, at all, otherwise we'd have fish the size of the ocean if that was true.

Fish with horrible water conditions or a terrible diet might get stunted, and stay smaller than average, but you cannot control how big or small a fish is. You can only keep them healthy, so they will grow to a healthy size. It's like trying to have a baby and controlling the baby's height. You cannot take a baby and make it 10 feet tall, regardless of how hard you try. Fish are the same way. Bettas actually grow to a size suitable to their environment, which is why they're normally kept in small containers.

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Best betta tank size (The wrong size can kill your fish!)

What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Chelsea Lately Lv 7. Depends on the type of betta. I'm not sure if this is the biggest but the King Betta is pretty large. Amy S. That also means that if you put one in a bathtub Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.All text and photos belong to the author and first published on Ultimate Bettas and re-printed with kind permission of Surat Bhutipanya for World of Bettas.

Athapon a. Uncle Salaand Mr. They were the owners of the Diamond Fish Farm. At that time we only bred the more common forms of Betta. One day in the middle of Uncle Sala and Natee found a very large plakat on their farm, it was an incredible four inches long! They came up with the idea to breed the regular forms and colors of Betta, but try to make them as large as possible.

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They were excited that this would be an entirely new form of Betta Splendens. This would of course be good for their farm, but also for the Betta community at large. So they looked through their farm's round cement tanks, to find the largest female Betta to breed with the original huge fish they'd found earlier.

After the first generation of fry, they found only a very small amount of large fish.

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But they selected the biggest of those and bred them again. After each generation they found they were getting more and more large sized fish in the brood.

They started breeding new broods every week, some weeks as many as 50 pairs of fish at a time! They began switching the males and females from different large sized lines together to create strong colors, and to prevent inbreeding. ByUncle Sala and Natee had several strains of large Betta, both plakat and long tail varieties. At this time they first brought them to the market to be sold. They named them Giant Bettas Plakat Yak. It didn't take long before word of these new giants got around, and people began buying them for breeding and for show.

After that, the word about Giant Bettas really took off.